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5 Essential Tips for Raising Children: The PRESS Minute Mantra

Implement these 5 essential tips for raising children and use this Minute Mantra to keep them top of mind when around your children.  The word PRESS will help you to remember!

Being present is a big part of parenting.  Just being around your children, available to your children and loving your children makes a significant difference in their growth.

Role model
Everything you do especially around your children conveys more education to them than anything you can say.  Be mindful about what you do, what you say and your non-verbal interactions with your children, your significant other and those around you.

Do what you can to continue to educate your children.  Whether it is teaching them to spell, count or read, there are many things you can do to cultivate their education outside of the classroom.

Emotional and social intelligence play a key role in our children’s development and success in later years of life.  Look for opportunities to demonstrate social intelligence in your interaction with others, find ways to open up your children’s social network by initiating play dates, and help guide them on how to properly interact with others.  Making eye contact when listening or talking to someone, shaking hands, introducing oneself, saying hello and saying goodbye are great opportunities to exercise this muscle.

Helping to make children realize that their home is a safe place (physically, mentally and emotionally) makes them comfortable to explore and make mistakes in this environment.  Of course, keeping them safe and secure everywhere else is also an important aspect to raising children as parents or guardians.

Minute Mantra
Remember PRESS

P – Present
R – Role model
E – Education
S – Social
S – Safe


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